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Maria Quail, Network Leader - Caterina Di Tillio, Deputy Network Leader


June 25, 2015 Newsletter:

"Once change is underway and the excitement associated with the launch is past, maybe some early wins have been achieved, but how do you keep the effort moving…sustain peoples’ enthusiasm, and deal effectively with blocks, hindrances, and resistance?"

W. Warner Burke

As of spring 2010, all NYC public schools receive their primary support from a team of about 15 staff members called a Children First Network. Each network team provides expert support, technical assistance, and quality control for a group of approximately 25 schools: they offer training and coaching for principals and teachers, share instructional resources to meet each school’s needs, and help schools across the network collaborate with each other. Network teams also help schools recruit and hire teachers, spend their budgets effectively, conduct all daily operations, use data and technology, and cultivate partnerships with community-based organizations and cultural institutions. In addition, networks help schools deliver effective services to students with disabilities and English language learners. Because the same team supports each school in all of these different areas, principals can feel confident that every decision will be made strategically, with the school’s instructional goals in mind.

Our Shared Vision

•       Student Achievement

- Address achievement gap via assessment data & inquiry work
- Ensure schools’ capacity to serve students in all subgroups


•       Youth Development 

            - Strengthen school/home connection via PCs and GCs
            - Ensure schools’ capacity to address students’ safety and wellness – socially and emotionally 


•       Strategic Operations

            - Synthesize strategic planning with instructional goals
            - Increase resources via external partnerships & grants


•       Capacity and Sustainability

- Identify and develop leaders internally in schools

- Empower leaders on all levels in their  expertise


1230 Zerega Ave

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